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Start Simple, Scale Fast: Azure Storage for Distributed Computing

Azure Storage Accounts are one of the simplest resources on Azure, but simultaneously one of the most useful and reused building blocks across the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem. Blobs, leases, and queues are fundamental components that enable powerful patterns. Let's dig into why Storage Accounts should be in your Azure toolkit.

Development Containers Simplified

This post talks about the concept of development containers and how it can help us to solve the challenges we face when setting up our development environment or onboarding a new team member.

APIs load testing using K6

In this post, We will go through the load testing concepts and how to use the K6 framework to perform load testing for API endpoints.

Plugins in Dataverse

This post focusses on different technology options available for exporting data out of Dataverse based on an event-driven architecture. It also provides guidance on how to achieve it.