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E2E Tests for LoRaWAN Starter Kit with Real Hardware

This article focuses on the different aspects of end-to-end testing of the LoRaWAN Starter Kit project. Due to the specifics of the LoRaWAN protocol and the Starter Kit, the end-to-end testing of the solution needs to be performed with real hardware which includes LoRa leaf devices, LoRa concentrators and Edge gateways.

How to Build A K8S Http API For Helm, and Serve Micro-services Using A Single IP

The Commercial Software Engineering team (CSE) partnered with Axonize to automate the process of deploying apps to Kubernetes, and expose these apps to the internet via a single IP. This post is about enabling applications in your Kubernetes cluster to programmatically install helm charts and expose them through a single public facing IP.

Cordova IoT Simulator

Creating a Cordova application that uses sensors from a phone to provide streaming input to Azure IoT pipelines and decouples development of IoT hardware from the data and analytics pipeline.