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Brenda Y Lee

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Azure VM and SQL DB deployment and management powered by Azure Resource Manager (ARM) on Microsoft Azure Government. These capabilities are some of the most requested features for Azure Government.  This enables the modern management of many more of your cloud resources. The ARM deployment offers much more granular control of our access and permission over the ASM deployment model (more on that in a future post).

While Azure Government has had ARM for a while, we now have support for Compute, Networking, Data & Storage that will enable you to create and manage most infrastructure deployments.  Specifically we have enabled the following:

Compute (PowerShell)

  • Virtual Machines
  • Service Fabric

Networking (PowerShell)

  • Application Gateway
  • ExpressRoute
  • Load Balancer
  • Virtual Networks
  • VPN Gateway
  • Network Security Group

Data & Storage

A complete list can be found here. We are working to bring even more resource providers for you in the coming months.

Please note that not all of these have been enabled in the new Azure Government Portal (PREVIEW) but will be enabled in early October.  In the meantime, customers can deploy and manage these service resources through PowerShell, Azure CLI, and ARM templates.

If you are deploying a VM with the Compute provider, only VM types that are currently available in Azure Government can be provisioned. Please check the Service Availability Page for the current listing or execute the Get-AzureLocation command.

Upcoming enhancements

We have brought nearly all of the capabilities of these resource providers to Azure Government, but do still have some work to do. Below are some capabilities that are not yet present but we are planning to have in the coming months to complete the suite:



You can view a list of all available Resource Providers currently available in Azure Government using the following command in PowerShell:

Get-AzureRmResourceProvider -ListAvailable

Useful Resources

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