Bringing more cybersecurity capabilities to Azure Government

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Protecting information systems and critical infrastructure from cyberattack and reducing the nation’s overall cybersecurity risk are key mandates that cross every level of local, state and federal government.

In support of this effort, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Cybraics, a security analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) company, to bring new artificial intelligence (AI)- and analytics-based services to Microsoft Azure Government customers.

Using AI to uncover and eliminate threats

With the partnership, Azure Government customers will now have access to Cybraics’ leading AI-based security-as-a-service analytics platform, nLighten™. The nLighten platform combines multiple modes of machine learning with an advanced AI engine to find unknown, advanced, and insider threats.

In contrast to other solutions, nLighten does not rely on rules and signatures. Instead it learns from your environment, security analysts, external sources, and threat patterns from other environments. It then alerts security teams to threats and vulnerabilities across the threat spectrum. nLighten can detect unknown and insider threats, APTs and targeted attacks that other approaches miss, increasing the overall efficiency of security teams.

Addressing an impossible task  

One of the most significant problems facing security teams is the sheer volume of information to parse. The average enterprise gets 10,000 or more security alerts per month. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for a security analyst to properly review a single alert. Combine this fact with minimal alert prioritization and a false positive rate of 95% and it makes the security team’s task impossible.

nLighten addresses this problem by automating the task of triaging security alerts. Using active learning, it can understand the context of alerts and suppress the irrelevant ones, resulting in a prioritized list of alerts with a false positive rate of less than 5%.

The multi-faceted partnership also brings advanced training courses in subjects such as forensics, cloud telemetry, and reverse engineering malware to Azure Government customers. These courses build on the corresponding beginner and intermediate-level classes provided by Microsoft and will be offered at locations in Northern Virginia and at the Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta, Georgia.

Azure Government offers world-class security and threat protection services, meets critical compliance standards, and exceeds U.S. government regulatory requirements. The partnership with Cybraics enriches the security services available through Azure Government and gives customers critical new capabilities. It joins services such as Azure Security Center and Microsoft Intelligent Graph for leveraging advanced analytics against evolving attacks, Key Vault for key and secret encryption, and Azure Active Directory for controlling permissions and access efficiently.

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