Announcing the launch of Azure M-series VMs with up to 4TB RAM in USGov Virginia region

Kyle Deeds, Program Manager

We are excited to announce the launch of Azure M-series Virtual Machines in the USGov Virginia region. Azure M-series VMs offer memory up to 4 TB on a single VM with configurations of 64 or 128 hyper-threaded vCPUs, powered by Intel® Xeon® 2.5 GHz E7-8890 v3 processors. We’re also excited to announce that Azure is the first hyperscale cloud provider to offer VMs with up to 4TB optimized for large in-memory database workloads in a sovereign cloud.

The Azure M-series is perfectly suited for your large in-memory workloads like SAP HANA and SQL Hekaton. With the M-series, these databases can load large datasets into memory and utilize the fast memory access with huge amounts of vCPU parallel processing to speed up queries and enable real-time analytics. You can deploy these large workloads in minutes and on-demand, scaling elastically as your usage demands. With availability SLAs of 99.95% for an Availability Set, 99.9% for a single node, you can provide application level SLA guarantees to your. Like all Azure VMs, you will be billed per-second (rounded down to the nearest minute) and you can even set-up automation on the platform to make sure you shut down and scale these VMs automatically, saving even more cost.

Learn more about M-Series.

Size vCPU’s Memory (GiB) Local SSD (GiB) Max data disks
M64s 64 1024 2048 32
M64ms 64 1792 2048 32
M128s 128 2048 4096 64
M128ms 128 3800 4096 64


For more information, please visit the Virtual Machines page and the Virtual Machines pricing page.

To request access to the M-series, submit your request quota and after your quota has been approved, you can use the Azure portal or API’s to deploy.

You can learn more about running SAP on Azure here.


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