Announcing Microsoft Jenkins Solution Template for Azure Government Cloud

Gerardo Saca

Since the launch of Microsoft Jenkins offer in Azure Marketplace in mid-2017, it’s exciting to see the growing number of customers using our solution template to run Jenkins on Azure. Jenkins is a popular open source CI/CD server. With our solution template, you can stand a Jenkins master running on a Linux (Ubuntu 16.05 LTS) VM up on Azure in as fast as 20 minutes. Today, we are happy to announce that you can deploy the solution template to Azure Government cloud.

Some quick facts if you are not familiar with the solution template:

  • Cost: Jenkins is free. You pay for the cost of running the software components and the Azure infrastructure. Our default for disk type and size is a SSD Standard DS2 v2. Depending on your need, you can update the configuration during set up.
  • Jenkins release type:
    • LTS
    • Weekly Build or
    • Azure verified. Usually the same as LTS. We increase to LTS once we complete running tests on our plugins against the LTS release

Hint: to upgrade (and you should always keep Jenkins server up-to-date), just do “sudo apt-get update” and then “sudo apt-get install jenkins” so don’t worry about selecting the wrong version.

  • Requirements: Azure subscription and an Azure Service Principal with contributor rights
  • What’s included:
    • (Optional) automatically set up Azure Service Principal in Jenkins credential store
    • (Optional) automatically set up a Jenkins agent on a VM running on Azure. We use our plugins Azure VM agent to achieve this
    • Command line tools: Git for source control; Azure CLI
    • Azure plugins supported by Microsoft product teams. You can expand “Resources” → “Plugins” in the left navigation of Jenkins Hub to see a full list
  • Some features are not available in Azure Government Cloud, so the following are not supported:

Learn more about Jenkins on Azure and try the solution template out in Azure Marketplace by following this walk-through.


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