Announcing features for Backup and Site Recovery Services (OMS Suite) with Resource Manager



Azure Government revamps Azure backup and Azure site recovery services to facilitate advanced capabilities for Government cloud users. This update brings various enhancements, summarized in the table below.

For more information and technical Documentation on Backup and Site Recovery please see Azure Government Documentation.




 ClassicResource ManagerClassicResource Manager
– ARM and Classic IaaS VM Backupn/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
-Security features of Azure backup to protect against Ransomware attacksn/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
-Premium Storage VM Backupn/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
-Monitoring of On-Premises backups through Azure portaln/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
-Backup of encrypted VMsn/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
-Integration of Backup into VM bladen/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
-VMWare backup with Azure backup servern/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
Site RecoveryClassicResource ManagerClassicResource Manager
– VMWare/PhysicalAvailableNow AvailableAvailableNow Available
– Hyper-VAvailableNow Available AvailableNow Available
– Site to SiteAvailableNow AvailableAvailableNow Available
Premium Storage Supportn/aNow Availablen/aNow Available
Exclude Diskn/aNow Availablen/aNow Available

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