PIX 2303.30: Misc bug fixes + preview GPU Upload heap support 

Austin Kinross

Today we released two versions of PIX on Windows: version 2303.30 and version 2303.30.002-preview. Both can be downloaded here: link. 

If you’re using today’s new preview D3D12 features (GPU Upload Heaps or Non-normalized Sampling) then we recommend that you use PIX 2303.30.002-preview to debug and profile your application. 

For all other users, we recommend that you use PIX 2303.30.  


GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling 

Only supported in PIX 2303.30.002-preview 

Today the DirectX team released a new preview D3D12 Agility SDK with support for GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling. Visit the DirectX blog for more information.

PIX has full support for these features. However, on current versions of Windows you may see a performance loss if your application uses GPU Upload Heaps and you launch it under PIX GPU Capture. This can be mitigated by using a new API: ID3D12ManualWriteTrackingResource. Please visit this this blog post for more information. 


Bug Fixes 

Included in both PIX 2303.30 and 2303.30.002-preview 

  • Timing Captures: Fix context switch collection 
  • Timing Captures: Misc Metrics View state saving fixes 
  • Timing Captures: Misc budget/timeline graph fixes 
  • System Monitor: Rename VidMm “commitment” counters to “resident” 
  • GPU Captures: Add option to capture more than 10 frames, in the Settings page 
  • GPU Captures: Support DXIL-defined root signatures in DXR shader debugging + pipeline view 
  • GPU Captures: Fix shader debugging start after PDB path change for DXIL shaders 
  • GPU Captures: Fix false-positive out-of-bounds for descriptor-heap-indexed resources in the pipeline view 


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