PIX-1810.02 – Direct3D11 and WinML

Damyan Pepper

Release Notes

Today we released PIX-1810.02. This version includes:

  • Support for capturing Direct3D 11 apps on RS5
  • Support for capturing WinML workloads on RS5
  • Default file extension is now .wpix
  • Various bug fixes

Direct3D 11 on 12 Support

On RS5 PIX can now be instructed to use a Direct3D11-to-Direct3D12 translation layer to make GPU captures of Direct3D11 applications. At playback, the PIX UI will show the resulting Direct3D12 calls but will offer no mapping back to the Direct3D11 calls made by the application. Enable this mode via the “API” drop-down in the “Select Target Process” box on the PC Connection tab:

Source-level shader debugging is not available in this mode.

Also of note on RS5, if the above option is not selected, PIX will silently ignore Direct3D11 calls made by the application.

On RS4 and below, PIX will continue to fail if Direct3D11 calls are made by the application during a GPU capture.

Support for Capturing WinML Workloads

Applications using the RS5 WinML API can now be captured in PIX. In order to more easily isolate the WinML workload, which in many cases takes place in an application that never calls Present(), it is now possible to choose the “Frame delimiter”. This has two possible settings:

Present-to-Present is the default behavior of PIX – capture starts after a Present() call and ends after the next one.

Windows ML Work captures work that has been tagged by the WinML runtime. When the capture button is pressed in this mode, PIX will wait until the next time WinML evaluates a model and capture the GPU work that happened here. WinML itself will insert PIX markers to indicate what operators parts of the work belong to:

Default File Extension

The file extension for captures saved by PIX on Windows now defaults to “wpix”.  PIX on Windows can still open .pix3 files saved by previous versions of PIX.  This makes it easier to tell at a glance if the Windows or Xbox version of PIX should be used to open a capture.  Double clicking on a wpix file in explorer will automatically open that file in the most recent version of PIX on Windows installed.


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