PIX 1705.17 – Intel GPU counters

Shawn Hargreaves

PIX 1705.17 beta is now available for download.

This release introduces a partnership with Intel.  We are pleased to announce that PIX now supports a set of ~200 hardware performance counters when running on a compatible Intel GPU.  The new data includes processing counts, busy percentages, and bottleneck information from different parts of the rendering pipeline, and also covers memory bandwidth and cache usage.  This can help PIX users optimize their titles to run efficiently on Intel hardware.

Intel GPU counters are supported on 6th Generation Intel Core Processors or newer (e.g. Skylake and Kabylake).  They are not enabled on older hardware generations (e.g. Broadwell or Haswell).


Many thanks to our partners at Intel for making this possible!

Note that not all counter values are currently rolled up from individual draw calls to their parent marker regions.  We will be improving that in future releases.


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