PIX 1707.25 – counter rollup, new Dr. PIX experiments, pixel kill reason, and pixtool.exe

Shawn Hargreaves

Today we released PIX 1707.25 beta.

New in this release:

  • GPU counter improvements
    • GPU counter values are now accurately rolled up from individual draws to their parent regions
    • Added support for some AMD R5xx GPUs that did not previously work with PIX
    • Improved accuracy of the crop__sol_pct and zrop__sol_pct counters on NVIDIA GPUs
  • Dr. PIX
    • Added a “Bandwidth” page (currently only enabled on NVIDIA)
    • Added a “Depth/Stencil” page, which measures the performance impact of forcing early Z
    • Adjusted the “Primitives and Rasterization” page to be more consistent with PIX on Xbox
  • Pipeline state improvements
    • Pixel history now displays a pixel kill reason (e.g. failed depth/stencil test)
    • Copy*, Clear*, and ResolveSubresource calls now correctly populate the pipeline state view
    • Better formatting of resource barrier states when multiple flags are or’ed together
  • Timing capture improvements
    • Timing capture event list now shows fence and command queue synchronization events
      • Requires a recent Windows 10 Insider build (Fall Creators Update, aka RS3)
    • Added warnings view to timing captures
  • Added pixtool.exe – a command line utility for taking and analyzing GPU captures
  • PIX now takes advantage of memory manager write watch to improve capture performance
    • Requires Windows 10 build 15063 or greater (Creators Update, aka RS2)
    • This optimization is especially beneficial when capturing titles that persistently map large buffers
  • Added an option (in PIX settings) to skip killing the app before opening a GPU capture
  • Bugfixes
    • MSAA array textures weren’t appearing correctly in the texture viewer
    • PIX replay was throwing away calls to ID3D12GraphicsCommandList::DiscardResource
    • False positive ClearDepthStencilView warning because optimized clear color values weren’t being captured correctly
    • (and more)



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