PIX 1706.25.002 – system monitor and timing capture improvements

Shawn Hargreaves

Today we released PIX 1706.25.002 beta and an updated WinPixEventRuntime (version 1.0.170625002).

New in this release:

  • System Monitor displays realtime counter data while a game is running
    • Present statistics (fps, frame duration, sync interval)
    • GPU memory usage (commitment, budget, demotions)
    • Custom title counters reported by the WinPixEventRuntime PIXReportCounter API
  • Continuous timing captures
    • Record timing data into a circular buffer (rather than just capturing a fixed duration), then use the System Monitor graph view to select a time region of interest and open that as a timing capture
  • Timing capture event list can now be ordered by either CPU or GPU execution time
  • Timing capture GPU timeline uses flame graphs to display nested marker regions
  • More robust pixel history (many bugfixes)
  • Fixed crashes caused by HLSL syntax highlighting
  • Improved callstack resolution performance when opening timing captures
  • Support for Function Summary, Callgraph, Memory and File IO captures of packaged titles



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