Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Our event: ‘Biztalk Server 2009 news, ESB 2.0 Guidance & WCF LOB SDK Event’ content

Today, we just run a Workshop regarding Biztalk Server 2009 news, ESB 2.0 Guidance & WCF LOB SDK. I post the presentations here, so any attendee can get it. You can grab it from the following SKYDRIVE: http://cid-c537c2af47f728a0.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Msft%20Dpe%20Spain%20Architects%20Events/2009%20-%20Biztalk%202009%20-%20ESB%...

WCF-LOB-Adapters & Microsoft Dynamics products!!!

I was digging into this new WCF-Adapters-SDK several weeks ago, and now, I am very interested in it because it could be a really powerful development platform for publishing Microsoft Dynamics products data (AX, NAV and CRM) to external applications or just for remote ‘Presentation Application Layers’.  WCF LOB (Line of Business ...

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