Cloud Shell in Azure Government 

Steve Michelotti

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft Azure Government, talks with Bingfeng Li, Senior Software Engineer on the Cloud Shell team at Microsoft, about Cloud Shell in Azure Government.

Cloud Shell is a fully featured browser-based command line environment that is ready to run inside the Azure Government portal. Bingfeng explains that this means there is no need to install tools or runtimes directly on a developer/IT pro workstation – but open a browser and the full command line experience is at your fingertips. In many government agencies that have restrictions on what can be installed on local workstations, this type of flexibility is extremely powerful. Bingfeng shows numerous demos of what you can do with Cloud Shell in Azure Government including: PowerShell, bash, Cloud Drive, and even remote execution on individual Windows and Linux VMs!

Cloud Shell in Azure Government (Video)

Make sure to catch the next three videos coming up this month. We have covered Azure DevOps Server and Cloud Shell so far in this series,  and Azure Maps, Azure Stream Analytics and QnA Maker in Azure Government is up next.

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