PIX 1702.23.002 – visualizers, better warnings UI, memory capture type tracking, and MSAA sample inspection

Shawn Hargreaves

Today we released PIX 1702.23.002 beta.  New in this release:

  • Rendertarget visualizers
  • Improved Warnings user interface
  • Memory captures now show allocated types
  • On some hardware, the Pipeline view can now inspect individual sample values from MSAA rendertargets and depth buffers
  • Shader debugging bugfixes
  • Improved performance on captures that use tiled resources


Rendertarget visualizers are available in the Pipeline view when inspecting the contents of a rendertarget.  The default Image visualizer just shows the image as normal:


The Wireframe visualizer highlights whatever geometry was rendered by the currently selected draw call in wireframe.  Visible pixels are shaded green, while culled pixels (eg. backfacing triangles or failed depth test) are red:


The Overdraw visualizer colors the scene according to how many pixels were shaded and written to the framebuffer after passing the depth test.  This is useful for understanding how well things like front-to-back sorting or a z prepass are working to reduce overdraw:


The Depth Complexity visualizer is similar to Overdraw, but disables the depth test so the results indicate only how many triangles overlapped each pixel, regardless of sorting or z prepass:



The Warnings user interface is now a separate view that can be resized and rearranged to suit your needs.  It now provides hyperlinks to the events which caused each warning:



Memory captures have a new view which identifies the types associated with each allocation.  Details of the type allocated as well as a full layout of the structure are provided.  This data makes use of the __declspec(allocator) descriptor that was added in VS2015.  More information is available here:


This display does not yet support identifying types allocated by custom heaps.



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