PIX on Windows

Performance tuning and debugging for DirectX 12 games on Windows

Window Arrangement

There is a simple process for editing existing user interface layouts and creating new user interface layouts in PIX. For basic editing operations, such as rearranging parts of a layout or moving parts of a layout to a different monitor, you simply click and drag the desired parts and drop them where you want them.

To add new views to your layout click the Views button in the upper right corner of the main window in PIX. This brings up the list of available views for the current capture type. You can drag views from this list to the active tab or drop them outside existing windows to create new windows.

The Views list also has a Revert to Default button so you can always get back to the PIX default user interface layout if needed.

You can scale PIX user interface elements (to increase font size, or adjust for a high DPI display) in Settings, or by holding down ctrl and alt while spinning the mouse wheel.

Although PIX can be used on a laptop or standard desktop PC with a single monitor, a multi-monitor setup is recommended.  You can create multiple PIX windows and put them on separate monitors to maximize screen real estate usage.