Nile Wilson

Data & Applied Scientist 2, Commercial Software Engineering (CSE)

Nile Wilson is a Data & Applied Scientist 2 in Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) at Microsoft. With a background in biomedical engineering, she is particularly interested in helping improve human health. However, her experience extends beyond the realm of healthcare. As a Data & Applied Scientist in CSE, Nile works with enterprise customers to develop impactful ML solutions.

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Detecting “Action” and “Cut” in Archival Footage Using a Multi-model Computer Vision and Audio Approach with Azure Cognitive Services

Movies and TV shows require multiple takes per scene and may have a substantial amount of archival footage as a result. Here, we use Azure Cognitive Services and custom code to develop a multi-model Machine Learning (ML) solution to automatically detect discardable footage to save media companies manual archiving hours and storage space.

Building A Clinical Data Drift Monitoring System With Azure DevOps, Azure Databricks, And MLflow

Hospitals around the world regularly work towards improving the health of their patients as well as ensuring there are enough resources available for patients awaiting care. During these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, Intensive Care Units are having to make difficult decisions at a greater frequency to optimize patient health ...