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Automate the capturing of test results from Application Insights

This post provides instructions on how to automate querying application insights test results using a script. It explains how to format the datetime, install the application insights extension, set the offset, and handle the query results. The script can be adapted to other scripting languages. The result is a reusable script that can output results in any format and reduce manual filtering errors.

Debugging Java Dapr-enabled Apps in GitHub Codespaces

To simplify the development and debugging of complex Java Dapr-enabled microservices we recommend leveraging Docker Compose to define all services including the Java Apps, each with its own Dapr sidecar, plus infrastructure/dependent services all these running in individual containers. Using a VS Code devcontainer with Docker-in-Docker support, enabling Java extensions, and installing Maven and OpenJDK. Creating a new GitHub Codespaces instance and finally employing VS Code to attach to a remote Java process for debugging purposes.

Multi-Cluster Application Deployments to Kubernetes at Scale at Edge

An innovative solution has been developed to address challenges in deploying applications in distributed environments with multiple clusters. These challenges encompass scenarios like edge deployments across regions and distributing components across numerous co-located clusters. While Kubernetes is commonly used for orchestrating deployments through YAML descriptors, GitOps tools such as Flux, ArgoCD, and Jenkins X automate deployment management. However, as cluster numbers increase, issues arise regarding organization, configuration, and scalability. To tackle these challenges, a Control Plane-based deployment application has been created. It functions using a logical data model stored in an inventory database.

Build a robust transaction processing solutions to improve payment experience of retail end customers

In this post, we will describe how to build a data ingestion framework that receives payment transaction events from internal or external payment service providers and process the events in real-time. The ingested payment data can be used to provide the real time view of the payment transactions to merchants to improve the payment experience of the retail end customers.