Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the .NET product Group (Microsoft Corp in Redmond, Seattle). Focus on Machine Learning .NET (ML.NET), .NET Core, Microservices based architecture, Docker Containers, Azure services. Check out http://dot.net/Architecture and https://github.com/dotnet/machinelearning-samples

.NET, Cloud and Mobile Events in Argentina and Chile – Content
Last week (Sept. 19-22 2016) I delivered a similar event in Buenos Aires and in Santiago the Chile, afterwards. Here I post the agenda I delivered, a few pictures about it plus the decks I used about it. Morning Event – Developing microservices in the Cloud with .NET, Docker and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Related technologies: - Micro
Docker and Containers: Basic elements and taxonomy
I’m currently working on a Docker and Containerized applications related document and it happens that I just created the following explanatory figure. Since I got a few people asking about several related topics in Docker, it might be useful to publish this short blog post helping out folks starting with Docker. This diagram is just about t
.NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin – The “WHAT and WHEN to use it”
I’m writing this blog post about “.NET end-to-end” now that we just released the .NET Core Platform 1.0 RTM, so it’s clear “who is who” and “when to use what”. It’s a long post but I think it’s good to have available a single post about .NET end-to-end. .NET is nowadays a development-platform running across many OS-platf
Using Azure Functions from Xamarin Mobile Apps
I was testing Azure Functions by creating a simple proof of concept with a Xamarin.Forms client and since there’s not much info about “using Azure Functions from Xamarin” I thought it was a good idea to publish this Getting Started or Walkthrough in my MSDN blog. Make no mistake about it, you consume an Azure Function from a Xamarin a
Solving issue with VS Android Emulator, Xamarin apps and Intel Skylake processor (i.e. when using a Microsoft Surface Book i7, Surface Pro 4, etc.)
I got a Surface Book (comes with the new Intel i7 Skylake) a few days ago and I was experiencing a very weird issue when running and/or debugging Xamarin apps on the Visual Studio Android Emulator.. Basically, VS couldn’t debug/attach but I was not getting any application error, neither.. You can see the experience in the following recorded
Publishing an existing Azure Mobile App service as PowerApps ‘IT Managed API’ (Using the HealthClinic.biz sample apps)
  Intro to “PowerApps Enterprise” You may have heard of Microsoft PowerApps and ‘PowerApps Enterprise’. Its code-name was “Project Kratos” and part of it is deriving from the original “Project Siena”. But in PowerApps, the client PowerApps are cross-platform (iOS, Android and Windows) as they are internally based on Apache