Creating a Secure Space for IoT in Government

Karina Homme

IoT is multi-dimensional and flexible in the way it can improve agency function and bring nuanced approaches to citizen services, all while existing on a secure platform.

With IoT, you are connecting to a vast web of devices such as street cameras, monitoring tools, and a wide array of other “things.” This also presents a unique obstacle when it comes to security. Every time a new device is added to the network, a new vulnerability is potentially introduced.

IDC’s recent report, How Government Organizations Are Looking at IoT, outlines consideration for CIOs when choosing an IoT software and service provider. For example, selecting vendors with deep experience in security management across billions of machines, with the capacity to fully understand the security threat landscape. For government, this also means finding a provider that meets the highest federal security and compliance standards.

Microsoft Azure Government is creating a secure space for IoT in government that meets the highest federal security standards, including FedRAMP High and DoD Level 5. Through Azure’s IoT suite, your security is broken down into three primary areas: device security, connection security, and cloud security. This means your IoT deployment is secure across all fields of connection.

Read more about security in IoT with IDC’s recent report, How Government Organizations Are Looking at IoT.

You can also get your agency’s modernization journey started today with a free 90-day Azure Government trial, or use Pay-as-you-go subscriptions, to purchase directly with a credit card.


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