Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 8

Jordan Matthiesen

Visual Studio 2022 for Mac 17.0 Preview 8 is now available! In this release, the focus is on addressing top reported issues from prior preview releases and driving forward to a high-quality GA (General Availability) release. This work builds on top of prior previews where we’ve moved the UI of the IDE to fully native macOS UI and migrated the IDE to run on top of .NET 6 (enabling native support of Apple’s M1 (arm64) processor. Get the latest release now by using the Visual Studio > Check for Updates… menu in the product, or download it directly:

Top issues fixed in this release

As we focus on improving the quality of the Visual Studio 2022 for Mac release, we rely on the Developer Community site as our main source for feedback from developers using the IDE. If you encounter any issues using the product, please use the Help > Report a Problem menu to share your feedback along with screen shots or log files to help streamline the troubleshooting process. Learn more about how to report a problem in Visual Studio for Mac.

The Help menu open with a Report a Problem menu item highlighted.
Using the Help > Report a Problem menu to report an issue

Thanks to reports from developers like you, we’ve addressed a handful of critical issues. Here are some of the top customer-reported issues fixed in this release:

In addition to these fixes, you can find a longer list of all fixes in the release notes.

Please keep sharing your feedback

We want your help making Visual Studio 2022 for Mac the best developer experience possible. Your feedback continues to inform our plans – after you’ve had a chance to try out this preview, please let us know what you think by taking the Visual Studio for Mac Preview survey:

Also, if you’re interested in receiving updates directly from our team, join our Preview Newsletter – we’ll share updates on what’s new and share more opportunities for you to give feedback to our team.

As mentioned earlier, please share your thoughts in our Visual Studio for Mac Preview survey, and keep sending those suggestions or problem reports! You can use the Help > Report a Problem or Help > Provide a Suggestion menus to share feedback, or go to the Visual Studio for Mac Developer Community site to vote for those that are most important to you.


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  • Marco Seraphin

    Hi Jordan,

    thanx for the new Preview.

    Is it possible to install this release side-by-side with the current VS for Mac 8.x version and its SDKs ? (officially)

    I have installed the current Preview of 2022 side-by-side with my VS for Mac 8.x on my “old” test MacBook (Intel) which is my test maschine.
    I would like to install the VS 2022 Preview on my new Mac M1 MacBook which is my productive system.

    Sure VS 2022 is not for production ready, but a parallel installation would be nice if the Android, Xamarin, iOS and VS stuff will work side-by-side together.

    Is this possible on an M1 Mac ?



  • Alex Titarenko

    Hi Jordan,

    I tried to install Preview on M1 Mac, but encountered the problem that the installer itself does not have native support for Apple Silicon and required Rosetta to be installed. Can this be fixed?

  • fnavarrete89

    Hi Jordan,

    I was wondering if the support for .esproj project such as the angular standalone projects will be supported soon or even eventually?

    Frank N