Happy 25th birthday Visual Studio!

Mads Kristensen

It’s now been 25 years since the first release of Visual Studio in 1997 and such a big milestone deserves a proper celebration. The Visual Studio 25th Anniversary Event kicks off at 9 AM Pacific Time on Thursday, March 17, with exclusive content and exciting reveals all day long.

During the online event, you’ll see familiar faces from Visual Studio’s past and present tell behind-the-scenes stories and fun-facts. With 25 years of history, there is no shortage of anecdotes to share. But the Visual Studio team members are not the only ones with Visual Studio stories to share. You, the user, have your favorite memories and fun moments too – and we’d love to hear them all. We encourage everyone to share their Visual Studio story on social media using the hashtag #MyVSStory.

Make sure to check out the anniversary website to see the timeline and check out all the digital swag. We’ve got themes, wallpapers, and 3D printing models of Visual Studio logos!

Image vs 3d models

We hope you’ll join on Thursday, March 17, for a fun time full of nostalgia and great stories. See you there!