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Quantum Development

Implementing DevOps for Quantum Applications

This blog post illustrates how CI/CD-pipelines can be built for hybrid quantum apps with tools from the Quantum Development Kit (QDK), GitHub Actions and various Azure services. These cover the full app lifecycle: from app building, automated testing, resource estimating up to provisioning the target environment and deployment of the app.

A quantum circuit logical puzzle

This blog offers you a quantum logical puzzle: you are given the outline of a simple quantum circuit and a set of clues about it, and you have to complete the circuit based on the clues.

Visualizing resource estimates with the trace simulator and quantum-viz.js

Estimating the resources and visualizing execution traces of Q# programs are useful tasks. The trace simulator from the QDK and quantum-viz.js Javascript library help to perform those. In this blog post, we customize the trace simulator to output a circuit with hierarchy and resource information to be displayed with quantum-viz.js. The ...

Hybrid Quantum Applications with Azure Functions

Quantum applications are typically of hybrid nature: there is always a classical component that submits and monitors the quantum jobs at runtime. This blog shows how Azure Functions can be used to integrate quantum components written in Q# via APIs into classical applications in a serverless model.