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Quantum Development

Azure Quantum Integrated Hybrid unlocks algorithmic primitives

To build a quantum supercomputer that can solve the world’s hardest and most complex problems in chemistry and materials science, several key ingredients need to come together. First, today’s foundational-level quantum machines need to be scaled up to a size of at least one million stable and controllable qubits. These are the table stakes...

Introducing the Azure Quantum Development Kit Preview

100x faster, 100x smaller, and it runs in the browser! The Azure Quantum team is excited to announce the initial preview of the new Azure Quantum Development Kit (or QDK for short). This has been entirely rebuilt using a new codebase on a new technology stack, and this blog post outlines the why, the how, and some of the benefits of doing so...

What are Qubits?

We consider the true nature of qubits, both as physical objects and as how they should be represented in a programming language.

Q# 0.6: Language Features and More

With our April release coming out, you may have noticed some major changes. This is therefore a good time to recap the language features we have introduced over the last couple of months, elaborate a little bit on the newest changes, and peek into what is coming next.