Interning at Microsoft Quantum – 2024

Mariia Mykhailova

Co-authored by Leanne Dillon

We are excited to announce that applications for Microsoft Quantum’s research internships 2024 are open!

Apply for the Microsoft Quantum research internship

We encourage early applications!

Research internships target graduate students currently enrolled in a Master’s or a PhD program (note that you have to be enrolled as a student both at the time of application and at the time of the actual internship). These internships focus on the exploration of new research directions under guidance of full-time researchers on our team.  We are seeking candidates specializing in areas such as quantum algorithms, quantum chemistry, quantum error correction, quantum benchmarking, physics device modeling and characterization, and machine learning.

Here are several highlights from this year’s research internship projects:

  • Daniel Marti Dafcik analyzed the concrete resources required for implementing fault-tolerant quantum algorithms for simulating long-range Hamiltonians.
  • Ariel Schlosberg compared methods for estimating logical error rates to determine which methods work best in various scenarios.
  • Yinuo Yang demonstrated the applicability of AutoRXN on Azure Quantum Elements to a variety of fundamental physical organic reactions as well as advanced organometallic systems.
  • Yue Wu explored and optimized soft-information decoders for Floquet codes to determine how practical they may be for use in realistic devices.
  • Benjamin Caldwell developed educational content for Measurement Based Quantum Computing (MBQC) to familiarize the community with the principals of our approach and encourage the development and optimization of MBQC applications, potentially identifying new ways for our hardware to be used.

You can find additional examples of research internship projects from earlier years and the papers written about them in the 2022 internships announcement.

Internships will be hosted at our offices in Redmond, WA, USA. International students are welcome to apply! (All interns must be able to obtain US work authorization.)

Our internships are a great opportunity to get familiar with the research done in the quantum industry and contribute to the work done by the Microsoft Quantum team. They also offer a lot of fun experiences as part of the greater Microsoft Internship program, from yearly puzzle events such as the Microsoft Puzzleday and the Microsoft Intern Game to the social events where you can meet your fellow interns and researchers from all over the company and learn about the variety of career paths available in different disciplines!


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