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Being a Quantum MVP

Learn about Microsoft's "Most Valued Professional" MVP program, how quantum MVPs are contributing to and helping build a vibrant quantum computing community today, and how you can become one!

DevOps for Quantum Computing

This blog post shows how DevOps practices need to adapt when software includes both classical and quantum components, resulting in a repeatable, high-quality process for building, deploying, and monitoring hybrid quantum software.

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing Models

This post is written as part of the Q# Advent Calendar 2021. Happy Holidays! If you’ve taken a stab at quantum programming, you’ll probably have heard of “hybrid quantum-classical computing”. Not to be confused with hybrid cloud or hybrid computers, hybrid quantum-classical computing is a popular topic among quantum computing ...

Embedding Q# in your favorite languages and platforms

Q# and the Quantum Development Kit make it easy to write and run quantum programs using Python, .NET, or even Jupyter notebooks. This post shows how you can use the same infrastructure to embed Q# in your favorite languages and platforms, including Julia, Lua, and PowerShell.

Q# Advent Calendar 2021

Q# Advent Calendar is a yearly blogging event in which every day in December one awesome community member writes a blog post about Q#. Check out the previous years' blogs, and join the 2021 edition!

Quantum software development using the QDK

In this blog post we look at the end-to-end quantum software development workflow, the stages through which a quantum program goes from idea to complete implementation, and the tools offered by the Quantum Development Kit for each stage.