Festivus: Azure Quantum Feats of Strength

Mariia Mykhailova

We have not celebrated Festivus since 2019, so it’s time to observe Feats of Strength again. Same as for the Q# Feats of Strength, I asked our team members for their favorite Azure Quantum feature or a particularly useful tool. Check out their replies below – you might find something new to try!

How about you – what is your favorite thing about Azure Quantum?

  • $500 free Azure Quantum credits, because they allow me to use Azure Quantum to teach a quantum computing course without making my students pay for their homework! – Mariia Mykhailova
  • Credits and Quotas view that gives you a clear understanding of your spending and how many credits you have left! – Fabrice Frachon Image credits quotas
  • I love that I can instantly spin up an interactive Jupyter environment and run quantum programs for demos and exploration, directly in my web browser with no installation required! – Anita Ramanan
  • I like that I can use Q# within Python through Jupyter notebooks, to both concisely express my quantum algorithms in Q# and make use of Python’s rich ecosystem for post processing and data analysis. – Mathias Soeken
  • Can be hard to pick just one favorite thing…
    • As a researcher it’s really great to have a single platform from which I can explore different hardware technologies such as ion traps and superconductors.
    • To meet the future quantum hardware capabilities it will be crucial to continuously keep improving the quantum algorithms that we have. The freely available Azure Quantum Resource Estimator is a unique and powerful tool to help us with this challenge.

    Wim van Dam


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