Q# Holiday Calendar 2022

Mariia Mykhailova

Q# Holiday Calendar (previously Q# Advent Calendar) is a yearly blogging event in which every day in December one awesome community member writes a blog post about Q#. (Check out the previous editions: 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.) Let’s see what the 2022 edition will bring!

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The rules are simple:

  1. Reserve a slot by leaving a comment on this post. (You can also tweet about it, but you’ll have to mention @tcNickolas to make sure we’ve seen it!) The slots are assigned on the first come, first serve basis. You do not have to announce the topic of your blog post until you’re ready to publish it, but we’d really love to hear it beforehand. (This also helps other bloggers to pick a topic that is not too close to the ones already covered.)
  2. Prepare a blog post (in English) about Q#, Azure Quantum, a cool project you’ve done with them, using Q# and Azure Quantum for research or education, tools for working with them… You got the idea! Note that Q# Holiday Calendar accepts only original content. Don’t forget to check out the previous calendars for inspiration!
  3. Publish your blog post on your assigned date. Don’t forget to link back to the Q# Holiday Calendar from your post, so that your readers can find the entire calendar!
  4. Leave the link to your blog post in a comment to this post, and we’ll add it to the calendar. If you share a link to your post on Twitter, use hashtags #qsharp or #AzureQuantum.
Date Author Post Title
Dec 1 Mathias Soeken Automate Resource Estimation with QIR
Dec 2 Mariia Mykhailova Teaching Quantum Computing with Q# and Azure Quantum at Northeastern University
Dec 3 Taylor Blair, Daniel Vengrin The Intern Azure Quantum Hackathon Experience
Dec 4 Michael Beverland et al Assessing requirements to scale to practical quantum advantage
Dec 5 Vincent van Wingerden Solving a Secret Santa SAT Problem with Classiq
Dec 6 Mathias Soeken, Mariia Mykhailova Automatic oracle generation in Microsoft Quantum Development Kit using QIR and LLVM passes
Dec 7 Ara Medina How to build your first circuit with Azure Quantum
Dec 8 Vivien Londe Amplitude Transduction in Q#
Dec 9 Filip Wojcieszyn Peeking into Santa’s gifts with Q#
Dec 10 Mariia Mykhailova Tutorial: Explore feature engineering for the Q# QML library
Dec 11 Manvi Agrawal Improving katas validation coverage
Dec 12 Microsoft Quantum team The Path to Quantum at Scale: Microsoft Quantum Innovator Series
Dec 13 Wim van Dam Signing up for Azure Quantum from scratch
Dec 14 Kae-Yang Hsieh Solving N-Queens Puzzle with Q#
Dec 15 Kartik Singhal λ-Q#: Understanding and Evolving the Q# Programming Language
Dec 16 Nicolas Bähler Surface code compilation
Dec 17 Divya Perumal Azure Quantum at QSTH Quantum Hack
Dec 18 Wittmann Goh QCHack 2022 — Entanglement Swapping in Q#
Dec 19 Mario Cuomo BB84 protocol
Dec 20 Hal Owens Developing and using Azure Quantum assignments for quantum computing courses
Dec 21 Petar Petrov Solving Optimization Problems in Azure Quantum Using Quantum-Inspired Algorithms
Dec 22 Rajiv Mistry Cardiac Anomaly Detection using Azure Quantum Workspace
Dec 23 Azure Quantum team Festivus: Azure Quantum Feats of Strength
Dec 24 Jonathan Daniel Resources Optimization in Q#

Looking forward to reading your Q# and Azure Quantum stories!


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  • Vincent van wingerden 0

    I would like to write my 3rd part in the Secret Santa series. Maybe December 5th?


    • Mariia MykhailovaMicrosoft employee 0

      You got it!

  • Petar PetrovMicrosoft employee 0


    I would like to start by writing one paragraph about me “An Intern’s approach to Azure Quantum” on my experience with Q# so far, and then write something more theoretical on “Quantum Error Correction and Stabilizer Code”, all in one blog. Maybe December 21st?

    Best wishes,
    Petar P.

  • Rajiv Mistry 0

    Dec 23: Cardiac Anomaly Detection using Azure Quantum Workspace

    • Mariia MykhailovaMicrosoft employee 0

      Sounds great! Would you be willing to take Dec 22nd instead? I had an idea to do Festivus on Dec 23rd, it’s been a couple of years since we’ve had Feats of Strength, but of course I forgot to mark it on the calendar – and that one is not very flexible date-wise

      • Rajiv Mistry 0

        Sure, 22nd is fine!

  • Nicolas Bähler 0


    I’m a master student at EPFL, currently working on a semester project with Mathias Soeken on surface code compilation. As part of the project, I’d love to share some aspects of this fascinating topics in the Holiday Calendar. If possible, I’d like to pick the 16th.

    Kind regards,

    • Mariia MykhailovaMicrosoft employee 0

      Thank you! Added it to the Calendar

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