Announcing the Azure Quantum Summer 2022 Hackathon

Matt Zanner (HE/HIM)

Calling all quantum enthusiasts! We’re excited to announce that the Azure Quantum Summer 2022 Hackathon, in collaboration with IEEE QCE22, starts today! There is no better way to learn than through doing. This virtual hackathon is designed to encourage you to work on a project you are passionate about and offers you the chance to win a Surface Go 3 and a cool T-shirt! See here for the Official Contest Rules.  


  • The Azure Quantum Summer 2022 Hackathon commences today, August 15! 
  • Work on a project of your choice using Azure Quantum and the targets available through the service. You have up to $500 credit automatically available for each provider when you create your workspace. 
  • Entries that exceed the standard available credit allotment ($500 per provider) will be disqualified. 
  • Submit your project here by no later than Wednesday September 7 2022, at 11:59PM Pacific Time to be considered for a prize! Project submissions must include: 
    • A link to your project’s GitHub repo; and 
    • A link to either a blog post or short YouTube video explaining your project. 
  • Three winners will be selected, each who will receive a Microsoft Surface Go 3. 
  • Projects will be assessed by a judging panel of Microsoft experts against the following criteria: 
    • (50%) Use of Azure Quantum – projects must include use of one or several of the eligible Azure Quantum targets (IonQ simulator, Quantinuum emulator, IonQ QPU, Quantinuum QPU). Use whichever language you prefer (Q#, Qiskit, Cirq) to interact with Azure Quantum targets, we welcome all equally! 
    • (25%) Originality 
    • (25%) Educational Value 
  • T-shirts will be awarded to all submissions deemed complete by the judging panel. 
  • Winners will be contacted by email the week of September 12. 
  • Winners will be announced live during the “Azure Quantum – a Platform for Quantum Computing Research, Education and Innovation” Workshop at IEEE QCE22 on Tuesday September 20. 
  • Winners do not need to be present in-person or virtually at IEEE QCE22 to win. 

 Here are some additional helpful resources: 

We look forward to seeing the amazing projects you come up with. Happy hacking! 

See here for Azure Quantum Summer 2022 Hackathon Contest Official Rules.  

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