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Customizing $filter for spatial data in ASP.NET Core OData 8

Background The OData URI parser parses the $filter query to a FilterClause. The FilterBinder translates an OData $filter parse tree represented by a FilterClause to an Expression. The Expression can be applied to an IQueryable and passed to an ORM (e.g Entity Framework Core) for processing. The FilterBinder contains the default ...
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Adding support for $count segment in $filter collections in OData WebAPI

Introduction In OData core  v7.9.0 we added improved support for $count segment in $filter collection properties. Previously, versions of OData core had support for: We are constantly improving filtering capabilities in OData WebAPI. In OData WebApi v7.5.9 and OData WebApi v8.0.2, we have added support for the queries below ...

OData Connected Service v0.8.0 Release

OData Connected Service 0.8.0 has been released and is now available on the Visual Studio Marketplace. The new version adds the following features:   There  instances where you want to re-use same configuration settings across multiple projects. Manually supplying the same settings every time you spin up a new ...
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