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Join the OData Mailing List

Today we released an OData Mailing List.  This is the list to use if you have OData questions, comments on OData or want to discuss how OData should evolve over time.  To sign up to the list go here and follow the instructions provided.  The list is fully open so anyone can subscribe and participate.  Be sure to read the ...

TechEd 2010 OData Service

TechEd North America 2010 is fast approaching (it starts Monday). This year we have added an OData service to the TechEd site, just like we did for MIX10 earlier this year. The service exposes the sessions, speakers and other associated information for the conference and is a great way to learn OData. Check-out the API page on the TechEd site ...
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OData Workshops in Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago and NYC

Chris (aka Woody) Woodruff has organized a series of OData workshops to compliment the official OData Roadshow. This is highly recommended. So if for whatever reason you can’t make it to one of the OData Roadshow events, or you just can’t get enough OData, see if you can get along to one of Chris’ workshops. The workshops start in ...
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