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Using Microsoft WCF Data Services Reference Data Caching Extensions (CTP)

Introduction Last week at MIX we announced proposed extensions to the OData protocol for obtaining changes (deltas) to the results of an OData Request. The extensions provide a hypermedia-driven model for obtaining a "Delta Link" from a delta-enabled feed that can later be used to obtain changes from the original results. Along ...
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Reference Data Caching Walkthrough

This walkthrough shows how a simple web application can be built using the reference data caching features in the “Microsoft WCF Data Services For .NET March 2011 Community Technical Preview with Reference Data Caching Extensions” aka “Reference Data Caching CTP”. The walkthrough isn’t intended for production use ...
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Announcing datajs version 0.0.3

Today we are very excited to announce a new release of datajs. The latest release of datajs makes use of HTML5 storage capabilities to provide a caching component that makes your web application more interactive by reducing the impact of network latency. The library also comes with a pre-fetcher component that sits on top of the cache. The pre...