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[Tutorial & Sample] Refering when Constructing EDM Model

Introduction EDM model plays a very important role in OData. When you want to use OData, the first thing should be constructing an EDM model. Previously, you need to build a complete EDM model, which means all types, terms, operations used in an EDM model should be declared in itself. If there are some elements in an existing model (CSDL), ...
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[Announcement] ODataLib 6.4.0 Release

We are happy to announce that the ODL 6.4.0 is released and available on nuget along with the source code oncodeplex (please read the git history for the v6.4.0 code info and all previous version). Detailed release notes are listed below. Bug Fix New Features   ODataLib now supports new aysnc API in ....
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[Tutorial & Sample] How to enable authentication for metadata documents in the OData Client Code Generator

Currently, the OData Client Code Generator doesn’t support authentication for metadata documents. Although authenticating the access to OData metadata documents is not encouraged for service builders unless they has a good reason to do so, However, it might not be easy to exclude $metadata from the authentication required by the service. ...