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RESTing on the slopes

This past week we attended to some very high priority issues (shown below).  We got a few good shots of our team .... (image)    This isn't quite the whole Astoria team (the next set of picks we'll have to get one of the entire team), but the folks in the picture are: Back row (left to right): Andy Conrad, Carl Perry, Marcelo ...
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Deep Dive on the $filter query string option

Marcelo from our team has posted a nice write up detailing how the $filter query string operator works in ADO.NET Data Services and highlights a number of the functions it supports - check out his post here: $filter Query Option in ADO.NET Data Services   -Mike Program Manager, ADO.NET Data Services...
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ADO.NET Data Services Silverlight Add-On

A number of people have asked for an updated ADO.NET Data Services client library to run inside the Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Alpha September Refresh, and today we are releasing just that. The Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview CTP shipped in December of 2007 and included a client library to facilitate access to ADO.NET Data Services ...
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