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Passing OData Query Options in the Request Body

The query options part of an OData URL can be quite long, potentially exceeding the maximum length of URLs supported by components involved in transmitting or processing the request. HTTP does not impose any limits on the length of a URL, however, many hosting environments (including IIS) impose limitations which may restrict the client's ...

Dynamic properties container property in OData Client

When working with open types in an OData service, dynamic properties are held in a container property of type IDictionary<string, object>. However, support for a similar container property has traditionally been absent in OData client. For this reason, dynamic properties returned from an OData service could only be mapped to declared ...

OData Connected Service 0.9.0 Release

OData Connected Service 0.9.0 has been released and is now available on Visual Studio Marketplace. This release adds the following features and bug fixes:  You can get the extension from Visual Studio Marketplace      ...
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