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WCF Data Services Client Library and Windows Phone 7 – Next Steps

We’ve received a fair number of questions regarding our current CTP library for Windows Phone 7 and what our RTM plans are. The goal of this post is to address many of those questions by describing our plans for the coming months…. Background The CTP release of the data services client that is currently available for the phone was an ...
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ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

Over the weekend the ASP.NET team released a Microsoft Security Advisory about a security vulnerability found in ASP.NET: https://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/advisory/2416728.mspx The WCF Data Services team looked into the issue and don’t believe there is any additional exposure to the vulnerability beyond what is exposed by ASP.NET...
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What do you want to see added/changed in WCF Data Services?

As we’ve posted a few times before on this blog the data services team is beginning to explore improvements and new features for our next release.  As part of this process, it’s critical that we hear your feedback, as it helps us ensure that what we build actually meets your requirements in real-world scenarios.  Today we’re ...
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Data Services Streaming Provider Series-Part 2: Accessing a Media Resource Stream from the Client

In this second post in the series on implementing a streaming data provider, we show how to use the WCF Data Services client library to access binary data exposed by an Open Data Protocol (OData) feed, as well as has how to upload binary data to the data service. For more information on the streaming provider, see the first blog post in this ...

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