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Re-Simulation in Automated Driving

Autonomous Driving is a competitive market with complex security and processing challenges. This article highlights how we met concerns and constraints when developing a cloud-based Autonomous Driving re-simulation solution.
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Working with a Monorepo

In this blog post, we want to share a Microsoft manufacturing customer’s journey that started off by setting up with them the core piece for their software development: a monolithic repository — or monorepo for short.

Detecting “Action” and “Cut” in Archival Footage Using a Multi-model Computer Vision and Audio Approach with Azure Cognitive Services

Movies and TV shows require multiple takes per scene and may have a substantial amount of archival footage as a result. Here, we use Azure Cognitive Services and custom code to develop a multi-model Machine Learning (ML) solution to automatically detect discardable footage to save media companies manual archiving hours and storage space.

Building an Action Detection Scoring Pipeline for Digital Dailies

Media companies capture footage filmed for the entire day in what's known as ‘digital dailies’. When talking about terabytes and petabytes of content, storage costs can be a factor. Lets explore Machine Learning approaches to identify which content can be archived or discarded which will save on those storage costs.

Enabling COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Across the United States on Azure

During pandemics, the ability to let people know if they have been exposed to a contagious disease is essential for public health practitioners. This is known as contact tracing and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. In this post, I describe the journey of our Microsoft team to deploy an exposure notification server on Azure.

Using Azure Cognitive Services to Analyse Evidence in Public Safety and Justice

A scenario commonly encountered in public safety and justice is the need to collect and index digital data recovered from devices, so that investigating officers can perform evidence-based analysis. We recently built an advanced evidence analysis platform that uses Azure AI services for automated labelling of media and documents.