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Debugging Java Dapr-enabled Apps in GitHub Codespaces

To simplify the development and debugging of complex Java Dapr-enabled microservices we recommend leveraging Docker Compose to define all services including the Java Apps, each with its own Dapr sidecar, plus infrastructure/dependent services all these running in individual containers. Using a VS Code devcontainer with Docker-in-Docker support, enabling Java extensions, and installing Maven and OpenJDK. Creating a new GitHub Codespaces instance and finally employing VS Code to attach to a remote Java process for debugging purposes.

Build a robust transaction processing solutions to improve payment experience of retail end customers

In this post, we will describe how to build a data ingestion framework that receives payment transaction events from internal or external payment service providers and process the events in real-time. The ingested payment data can be used to provide the real time view of the payment transactions to merchants to improve the payment experience of the retail end customers.