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Processing Time Series Data with HDInsight Storm

At Microsoft, we are working with a number of car manufacturers on processing telemetry streams. One of the key business scenarios for the incoming real-time car telemetry is to offer real-time driver risk scoring for end user driving guidance applications, fleet administration, and usage-based insurance scenarios.

Building a ReactJS Spreadsheet Component

During the Microsoft Ventures hackathon in May 2015 it became obvious that one of the startups required a standalone Excel-like spreadsheet component for the web. This post describes the resulting React component, how it was built, and how it can be used today.

Office Mail App for Rallyteam

The Microsoft Office Platform is focused on enhancing the collaboration experience. This case study introduces you to Mail apps for Outlook and the ease of building, integrating, and enhancing the collaboration experience for users.

Parallelized Bulk Copy of Data from AWS to Azure

For various reasons, many customers want the ability to easily and efficiently move data from Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3) to Microsoft Azure storage. In this Case Study, you’ll see how to take the simple notion of cloud file-copy and make it fast and efficient using parallel techniques.