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Deploying Flynn Clusters on Azure

Flynn is a next-generation PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that can deploy, run, and scale both twelve-factor apps as well as stateful services. In this post, we're checking out the brand-new Flynn Azure Installer.

A Peer Review Bot for GitHub

We built a peer review bot for GitHub, automating review workflows for pull requests - so that humans can spend their time with more fun things.
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Wicked Cool Excel Function with Blockspring

A small Y Combinator startup is trying to completely remove all constraints for functions in spreadsheets: It enables users to create and share custom functions for Google Sheets and Office in Node.js, Python, R, JavaScript, PHP and Ruby, running complex calculations in the cloud and pushing the results to your spreadsheet.

Microservice Orchestration with Fleet on Azure

Micro-service architecture, the concept of providing a large scale service as a collection of small, highly available services is becoming increasingly popular in today's modern cloud service deployments. However, with the rise of Docker and other containerization and orchestration technologies, it can be difficult to get started.

Processing Time Series Data with HDInsight Storm

At Microsoft, we are working with a number of car manufacturers on processing telemetry streams. One of the key business scenarios for the incoming real-time car telemetry is to offer real-time driver risk scoring for end user driving guidance applications, fleet administration, and usage-based insurance scenarios.