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Export To Application Insights With AppCenter Continuous Export

Five-star mobile apps have one special feature: they don’t let go of their users. This can be achieved by understanding your app, the app’s users, and how these users interact with your app. The deep customer insights offered by AppCenter's Continuous Export provide a better understanding of your customers and help boost retention. By default, you receive information about your active users, their active sessions, top devices, country, language, and more!

Xamarin University Presents: Guest Lectures from Industry Luminaries!

Technology moves quickly; new software, platforms, and frameworks are constantly being developed, improved, and released. Exploring the landscape of developer tools and libraries that we can consume in our C# .NET apps can be exciting, but it takes time to review and evaluate the latest innovations. Fortunately, Xamarin University is here to help! We invite the industry’s top experts and developers to present guest lectures on key technologies and patterns that show us how to best use them in our mobile solutions in a live, interactive forum.

Community Books on Xamarin Development

Xamarin development is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of developers. To help you find the right resources for your development education, we’ve curated a list of community books written about Xamarin.