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Senior Content Production Manager, Xamarin Docs

Larry O’Brien is a Sr. Content Production Manager for Xamarin technologies at Microsoft. He sold his first program at age 16 and has been an influential voice in the software engineering community since 1989. He edited Computer Language, AI Expert, Software Development, and Game Developer magazines and wrote the "Codewatch" column for SD Times for 15 years. His programs have appeared in National Geographic Magazine, been collected in the permanent design collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art, and sometimes even compile properly.

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Xamarin API Docs: Open Sourced and Available Now

Today, we are happy to announce the release of all Xamarin API documentation as Open Source. Additionally, we have moved the hosting of Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Mac, and SkiaSharp from their old Xamarin home to

Hackathon Superweapon: F# and Fabulous

Let me introduce you to F# Functional App Development using Xamarin.Forms with the Fabulous project, which brings the Elmish Model-View-Update (MVU) architecture to Xamarin. It is a great way for F# developers to rapidly build mobile applications as you will see in this blog post.

Exploring New iOS 12 ARKit Capabilities With Xamarin

It's summertime, which for Xamarin developers means new iOS betas to explore and learn. ARKit, which debuted last year in iOS 11, has matured over the past year and in iOS 12 is much more flexible than it was previously.

CoreML Programming with Xamarin.Mac and F#

Although Xamarin technologies are most commonly used to develop mobile applications, Xamarin.Mac makes it easy to use your preferred .NET language to develop desktop Mac apps. There are many C# examples in Xamarin’s mac-samples directory on Github, but it's also easy to use F# to develop desktop Mac apps as well.

The Solar System with ARKit and F#

Augment Reality and ARKit with Xamarin and iOS 11

Programming for Google Cardboard on iOS using F#