Jayme Singleton

Senior Program Manager C&AI, DevDiv Community

Proud Business Operations Program Manager at Microsoft for the global Xamarin & .NET Developer communities. Apart from managing developer content, Jayme also collaborates with Microsoft PM teams, MVPs, Community Leaders, and Event Coordinators to organize product launches, MVP Summit, Microsoft /Build, .NET Conf, and other corporate events through the year. You can find her living the "City Life" in New York, or traveling around the world, Carmen Sandiego-style.

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.NET Conf 2020 and Virtual Events in November

The .NET team and the .NET Foundation are excited to present .NET Conf 2020 - a free, 3-day, live-streamed event all about .NET development! This year is going to be extra special as .NET 5.0 launches on the 10-year anniversary of this virtual conference happening November 10-12th, 2020!

.NET Conf 2020 and Community Events this October

Virtually tune-in to communities around the world through amazing online events, streams, and recordings this October. Stay connected to your developer communities through the upcoming .NET Conf 2020, virtual Meetups, community stand-ups, podcasts, and more. Get started with .NET tutorials and learn how to host your own virtual experiences!

.NET Virtual Events in September

Virtually tune-in to any event around the world through amazing online events, streams, and recordings this September. Stay active with your developer communities through upcoming MeetUps. Get lots of content from the teams at Microsoft and the global community. And learn how to get started with .NET and Xamarin!

.NET Virtual Events in August

Take your .NET & Xamarin development skills to the next level in August through this list of the amazing online events, streams, and videos for you to tune into straight from home!

Mastering Multilingual in Xamarin.Forms

This guest post by Charlin Agramonte elaborates on how multilingual support is one of the most common requirements for mobile apps and the simplicity of building mobile apps with Xamarin that handle multiple languages.

Introducing C# Markup for Xamarin.Forms

C# Markup for Xamarin.Forms enables developers to seamlessly create user interfaces in C# code with built in markup extensions. In this guest blog post Vincent will walk-through how to setup C# markup and all of the great built in features.

.NET Virtual Events in July

With life gone virtual, there are tons of new ways to take your development skills to the next level and stay active with your developer communities through upcoming .NET and Xamarin events. Inside are just a few of the amazing online events, streams, and videos to tune into this July.

Virtual Xamarin and .NET Events in May

Stay virtually-active this May with your developer communities through engaging online events, live-streams, and on-demand videos, all from the comfort of home!

Xamarin Customer Showcase: PGS Software + Volotea

Xamarin Showcase: When Volotea, an airline leader connecting European cities with competitively priced direct flights, was looking to re-invent their mobile apps, PGS Software was there to build a beautiful app with Xamarin and .NET. 

Magic Gradients: Beautiful Backgrounds in Xamarin.Forms

Magic Gradients is a NuGet that provide a possibility to add beautiful and enhanced gradients into Xamarin.Forms applications. Here is a quick taste of what you can do with the library using it as a separate layer or background.