Visual Studio Setup

Installation and containerization of the Visual Studio family of products

Unchanged Files Break Patch Uninstall

I've discussed a couple different reasons that Windows Installer 3.0-style patches - those with the MsiPatchMetadata table in the patch package itself - might not be uninstallable. I explained another reason in a discussion about the new patch build support in Windows Installer XML (WiX) v3 recently, describing why unchanged files should not ...

Uninstallable Patches that are not Uninstallable

Patching with Windows Installer is the act of applying a pair of transforms in a patch to a Windows Installer product, then repairing that product. Any changes made in the transforms affect the aggregate view that Windows Installer reinstalls. This is displayed in the diagram below, where the bottom layer is the components in the product MSI, ...

Windows Live Writer Plugin for MSDN URLs

I have posted a Windows Live Writer plugin I wrote to aide posting URLs to MSDN, simply named Paste MSDN URL. It removes, if present, the culture in the URL so that when a reader clicks the link he or she sees the content on MSDN in their preferred language if a translation is available.So,