Visual Studio Setup

Installation and containerization of the Visual Studio family of products

Unadvertise Features

The attached Windows Script file allows you to unadvertise features in a Windows Installer product by specifying either a ProductCode or the path to an MSP. If any features are advertised - whether incidental or intentional - the product will be reinstalled and those features added locally to your computer. Usage Only one of /Patch or /...

Dictionary of Windows Installer Tokens

If you are writing emails and specifications about Windows Installer all day, chances are your document or mail editor has plenty of squiggly red lines highlighting your presumed spelling errors like MsiPatchSequence. To not miss any actual spelling errors, I find myself double-checking and adding lots of Windows Installer terms to my custom ...

Windows Installer Dictionary

Attached is a Unicode-encoded, English locale-sorted text file with many table, column, API, and flag tokens you can use as a spelling dictionary in many applications including Microsoft Word and Outlook email. To support Microsoft Word, Outlook email, and other Microsoft Office products,