PIX on Windows

Performance tuning and debugging for DirectX 12 games on Windows

System Monitor

PIX System Monitor allows for real time profiling of an application, and is available from the PC Connection view.  Counter collection can be started and stopped while PIX is attached to an application.

The available counters are grouped and listed in the Counters tab.  Each counter within the tab has a description that can be viewed by hovering over its name:

Games can be instrumented to report additional custom counter values by using the WinPixEventRuntime PIXReportCounter API.

In addition to graphing counters as a line, by right-clicking a counter name additional visualizations can be added to a graph as gizmos:

The System Monitor view also supports integration with continuous timing captures.  Upon stopping a continuous timing capture, counter collection will also stop, and the graphs will be updated with a green highlighted region indicating the available range for timing capture data.  A timing capture can be directly opened from this view, or data from both the system monitor and timing capture can be saved as a combined pix3 as shown below: