OData team embraces open source

Yi Ding - MSFT

Dear OData lovers,

As many of you may have already noticed, the OData team is embracing open source.

What does this empower you to do?

You now can:

  • About codes
    • Get and build them
    • Run tests: unit tests, functional tests & end-to-end tests
    • Be involved into development via pull requests and get them actively reviewed and merged
    • Asking features/raising bugs about them via GitHub issues
    • Observe our development via the commits
    • Watch our execution and planning via GitHub isuses
  • About documents
    • View them
    • Comment on them using the Disqus infrastructure we leverage
    • Be involved into content writing by forking the “gh-pages” branch of the repositories, writing in Markdown format, and sending pull requests

Great, but how?

To empower you to do the things mentioned above, we now:

How is this different from what we did before?

It’s different in many ways:

  • Uniformity: all on GitHub. No more some-on-GitHub and some-on-CodePlex.
  • Transparency: transparent planning via GitHub issues and transparent execution via commit history.
  • Involvement: code contribution via pull requests and issue contribution via GitHub issues are available and will be actively reviewed and merged.

Have we finished?

No. We are still beginners in doing the real open source. We’d love to learn from your help to improve in any aspect. If you’d like to help, send any advice/suggestion to odatafeedback@microsoft.com or create a GitHub issue to us.

Looking forward to see you at GitHub. 🙂


Best regards,

The OData team


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