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Using uPort For Authentication On Blockchain To Improve Standards On The Food Logistics Chain

Food ingredients travel thousands of miles along logistics chains. One bad batch of produce can ruin a restaurant’s reputation, but it’s hard to identify who’s at fault. CSE has worked with Hitachi to build a sample infrastructure leveraging blockchain – thus achieving a new level of accountability for those producing, storing and serving food.

Infrastructure as Code – On demand GPU clusters with Terraform & Jenkins

Developing robust algorithms for self-driving cars requires sourcing event data from over 10 billion hours of recorded driving time. CSE worked with Cognata, a startup developing simulation platforms for autonomous vehicles, to build a Jenkins pipeline and Terraform solution that enabled our partner to dynamically scale GPU resources for their simulations.

Deploying a Batch AI Cluster for Distributed Deep Learning Model Training

Microsoft and Land O'Lakes partnered to develop an automated solution to identify sustainable farming practices given thousands of satellite images of Iowan farms. Our primary goal was to reduce the reliance on manual interviewing of farmers and make it more profitable for farmers to follow sustainable farming practices. To tackle this issue our team deployed a highly scalable Batch AI cluster on Azure and then performed distributed deep learning model training with Horovod.