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Social Stream Pipeline on Databricks with auto-scaling and CI/CD using Travis

This code story describes CSE's work with ZenCity to create a data pipeline on Azure Databricks supported by a CI/CD pipeline on TravisCI. The aim of the collaboration was to create a pipeline capable of processing a stream of social posts, analyzing them, and identifying trends.

Custom Analytics Dashboard for Application Insights

We created an easy-to-use tool for visualizing data from Microsoft Azure Application Insights with a dashboard framework. Our solution can be applied to different bot scenarios as well as other scenarios involving the service.

Continuous Delivery to Multi-Cloud Marketplaces

This code story describes how we collaborated with a partner to create a continuous delivery solution that runs on multiple cloud platforms using Jenkins.

Orchestrating Multiple Bots with Multilingual Support

Using Microsoft Bot Framework, we were able to create an easy to maintain "Orchestration Bot" that can both manage sub-bots and provide multilingual support.
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Unit Testing for Bot Applications

Adding unit testing for conversational flow to Microsoft Bot Framework projects, including ones using LUIS.

Building a Pipeline for Extracting and Graphing Entities and Relations from a Corpus of Documents

Learn how to build a pipeline for processing a corpus of documents to discover its entities and relations, then store the derived relations in a database representing a graph.

HDInsight orchestration using Azure App Services

A detailed solution for orchestrating the creation and destruction of an HDInsight cluster via Azure App Services.