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Thanks to advances in technology, more than ever before developers are able to make positive change around the world. This point was reinforced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, when he said that developers now have a unique opportunity to have broad, deep impact on all parts of society.

However, as Satya went on to add, it is important for technologists to maintain strong values and principles. Put simply, with an abundance of opportunity comes enormous responsibility. At Microsoft, our founding mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.

In short, we aim to solve real problems for real people.

This is the founding principal behind the Microsoft Developer Blog, where our network can share inspirational and informative stories about projects they have undertaken with outside organizations.

From building bots for non-profits in Africa, to creating a visualization pipeline for the United Nations and creating machine learning algorithms on Azure to help biologists better monitor bird populations, the Microsoft Developer Blog is designed to offer a birds eye view into the problems being tackled and technical insight into the processes that were used to solve them.

We hope that by sharing the work of our team, that other developers will be motivated to solve the challenges of tomorrow, to the benefit of people all over the world.

About CSE

The Commercial Software Engineering team (CSE) is a global engineering organization that works directly with the largest companies and not-for-profits in the world to tackle their most significant technical challenges. We’ve helped customers do everything from using AI and deep learning to create sustainable farming practices, protecting rhinos in South Africa with facial recognition to using blockchain to accelerate and secure payments in the travel industry. All in partnership with their developer teams.

Every day, this global team of incredibly talented people helps other developers create and utilize technology to achieve more. We will work on just about anything: blockchain, mobile apps, cloud services, big data ingestion problems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – you name it. The Microsoft CSE team works closely with customers to find creative solutions while also upskilling their developers to carry the project forward to a production-ready solution.

The best part of these partnerships, we don’t charge a dime for our work or the code we create. We thrive as a team when we find ways to fill the missing links in potential solutions and cranking out code to make that happen.