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AzureFunBytes Short – Cloud Shell

The Azure Cloud Shell is one of my favorite things about using Azure. Many of the administrative tasks that I may have had to run from a local computer can now be done from a browser anywhere I can authenticate into my Azure account. I used to always worry about needing a computer that had a shell or a terminal program with my ssh key on it ...

Replacing “View YAML”

This sprint, we're replacing the "View YAML" experience. This is the feature which helps you migrate designer pipelines to YAML. The new version is more correct and covers more Classic Build features, which I'll cover in this post. It removes one useful quirk of the old implementation, so I'll share tips for anyone who depended on that quirk...

Static Web App PR Workflow for Azure App Service using Azure DevOps Pt 2 (But what if my code is in GitHub)

In part 1, I walked you you through how to set up that sweet pull request workflow for Static Web Apps if your app if your app is in Azure App Service and your code and pipelines are in Azure DevOps. Now I show you how to do the same thing if your pipelines are in Azure Pipelines, but your code is in a GitHub repo.

AzureFunBytes Short – Azure Containers (Kubernetes, Container Instances, More)

A container virtualizes the underlying OS and causes the containerized app to perceive that it has the OS—including CPU, memory, file storage, and network connections—all to itself. Because the differences in underlying OS and infrastructure are abstracted, as long as the base image is consistent, the container can be deployed and run anywhere

Delivery Plans 2.0 Public Preview

Welcome to the public preview of Delivery Plans 2.0. We have added Delivery Plans into the core product and included some great new features like work items spanning iterations and stakeholder access. Give it a try today and let us know what you think.